Global publishers have been quick to recognize the power that Linkz brings to deepen engagement with readers, boost charitysubscriptions and provide added value for advertisers.  One of the main challenges for print publications is keeping news and features timely in a world of video and instant interactivity.  Through the mobile interactivity provided by Linkz, readers can

  • View additional editorial content (text, images and video) which can be updated at any time
  • Share links with friends or respond to advertising
  • Publishers also get valuable feedback on who is reading what, when and where, to build closer relationships and promote brand loyalty

…all through the convenience of the reader’s mobile phone.


Packaging and labels

Linkz can make packaging and labels ‘speak’ to consumers, increasing engagement in a simple and cost effective way.  packaging

  • Doesn’t take up any space or impact on brand design (unlike QR codes)
  • Enables brands to track key customer data
  • Consumers access a wide variety of mobile digital content including recipe info, coupons, entry to competitions, reviews, video, social media and more – increasing brand loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.


Print advertising

Linkz gives brands the ability to turn print advertising into a mobile interactive experience, turning a passive media into an immediate editorial1response mechanism, leading to increased consumer engagement, direct sales superior data tracking.

  • Draw customers in and ‘sell through the page’
  • Provide direct access to a online purchase options and enhance advertising message with additional digital content including video, coupons, links to social media communities and more

…all easily accessed through reader’s own trusted mobile device.


Catalogs and brochures

Maximizing sales conversions from catalogs and brochures is the key to getting the best rate of return on the costs of printing and Printdelivering them. Linkz helps achieve this in a number of ways.

  • Reduces purchasing barriers by putting a ‘scan and buy’ option in the hands of every potential customer (no need to remember a url, phone number, index number for later purchase).
  • Provides additional information in the form of videos, reviews and product specifications to help customers reach the all important decision to buy, without taking up any space – which can keep down print costs.
  • Tracks data on which customers are scanning what, when, where and when, which can be analyzed to gain valuable insights.



Charities have to work hard to engage with the public and persuade them to make vital donations.  In volume terms, over 70% of donations charity1are on impulse.  Charities therefore miss out on many donations because the direct stimulus to donate (eg advertising or direct mail) does not necessarily go together with the donation process and the moment is lost.  Using Linkz, consumers can:

  • Donate immediately through their phone
  • Quick, simple and convenient, maximizing the effectiveness of printed marketing material
  • Encourage consumers to become valuable advocates through sharing videos and content on social media channels.


And anything else you might need