How does Linkz work?

Linkz works by using the camera in your smartphone / tablet to scan an invisible code printed in adverts, posters, on labels… on anything!  Although you can’t see the code, your phone camera can and, once it has recognised it (takes a second or two), opens up the website to which the code is linkzed.  Easy! Linkz is also able to read ordinary EAN/UPC barcodes, and QR codes.

How do I know when I can use Linkz?

Something with a Linkz code in it will typically have our logo somewhere, so that you know that there is an embedded link to a website present.  Or whatever you are looking at may simply say that there is an invisible code that you can scan to get something worthwhile. You can read any QR code and barcode with Linkz. Whether the barcode is connected to useful content depends on the brand owner, not on Linkz.

How do I use Linkz?

Open the Linkz app, or a branded app using the Linkz technology, and hold your phone / tablet over what you want to scan, about six to eight inches (15cm to 20cm) away.  Your camera lens will focus on the (invisible) code and your phone will automatically find the right website and open it.  Gradually move your phone closer if you don’t get a hit straight away.

I can’t get it work – what’s wrong?

The most common reasons why Linkz might not work is that your phone camera cannot get a clear view of the invisible code.  Make sure that there is no light reflecting off whatever you are trying to scan (particularly if it is glossy) or that it is not in heavy shadow or too dark.  In the latter instance, the app offers you the option of turning on the camera flash if needed.  Typically, the whole advert or packaging image (or whatever it is that you are looking at) is covered in the code.
Another reason for difficulty with scanning is low internet connection speed. You should also regularly check that you have the most up-to-date version of the app on your device.

Does Linkz work on all phones?

You will need to have either an iPhone / iPad or a phone / tablet that uses the Android operating system.  Linkz does not work with Blackberry or Microsoft.

What do you know about me?

We take data protection and privacy very seriously.  Collecting some data on how and when the Linkz app is used is both very useful to us at Linkz as well as to brand owners, who would like to be able to assess the effectiveness of their marketing.  At a basic level, we know what you have scanned, when you looked at it but, unless you specifically give us permission to access this information, we do not know who or where you are.

If I use Linkz, will I get lots of marketing messages?

No.  Even if we knew your personal details, which we don’t, we would not share this with anyone else without your permission.  Nor will we send you any marketing messages from Linkz.