Now that there are foil, glitter and fabric embellishments, even cards with music or LED lights, what is next for greeting cards ? What is the next bit of innovation to attract new customers and to amaze recipients ?

Enter video cards ! Imagine you could add your own video message to a card you buy in a shop. Not by using a disposable LCD video screen in the card, but simply by using your smartphone. You’d scan the card with your phone and upload your own video, either by recording it there and then, or taking it from your picture library on your phone. All the recipient has to do is scan the card with their own phone and they will see the video message you uploaded for them. And they can view it over and over again !

With these video cards you combine the thoughtfulness and permanence of a card with the best of social media, that is, to share your story in your own unique way.

Linkz have developed a simple service to make any greeting card connect to video*. So the card can tell your story.


*connecting cards to video with Linkz does not require special ink or physical  tags. These cards can be recycled in the usual way without any additional environmental burden.