New! Linkz now also offer serialised marks, also known as ‘a unique mark for every item’. As always, these marks can be visible, like (stylised) QR codes, or invisibly embedded via digital watermarks.

Serialisation of marks give each printed item a unique fingerprint. This unique mark can deliver content that is specifically designed for individual end-users, allowing for highly personalised marketing or direct peer-to-peer communication. For example, you can attach your own video message to a product label or shop-bought greeting card. The video can be uploaded and viewed via a single scan with a smartphone, no need to enter authentication codes or confirm private information like phone numbers.

Another application is brand protection. By including supply chain information in each unique mark you can check whether an item has been diverted from the market it was intented for. For example, for cosmetics, wine and spirits, pharmaceutical products.

With serialisation brands can offer highly personalised engagement, as well as track and trace individual items. People interact with the world around them via their smartphones. Make the interaction personal with serialised marks.