running-498257_640In the intelligent packaging industry we are all too aware of the difficulties in getting consumers to pick up their mobiles and interact with products. We don’t understand it. All these marvellous technologies that are obviously super-cool, making that essential connection between the offline and online worlds. Why don’t people tap or scan every item they want to buy or use?

Technology is moving faster than consumer awareness. As always, those that develop the solutions lose sight of the fact people may not have a direct problem to solve. In our enthusiasm we keep adding possibilities in the hope to find the area where we can relieve a real pain.

To try to understand how we could accelerate consumer adoption of interactive packaging we need to ask ourselves what consumers want and what would motivate them to use interactive packaging.

At the AIPIA World Congress last November we discussed these questions, plus a couple more, during a stimulating workshop, “Consumer Interactions”. The participants put in a lot of effort, the discussions were passionate and the result was a collection of insights that form a great start for further investigations.

Highlights are:

  • Consumers want value from their interaction, which can take many forms: convenience, information, monetary, emotional.
  • Raising awareness of interactivity has to be done on-pack, but also needs to involve traditional marketing channels, as well as other parts of the supply chain.
  • There are a range of ways to motivate consumers to interact, but it has to involve minimal effort and a good, valuable experience (remember QR codes!).
  • Success is defined as the amount and quality of data we can collect from consumers and their interaction.

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