SKU Marketing is the growing trend to talk to and engage with consumers by product (either by its SKU or barcode), or by product range.

Individual products talking to individual consumers where and when they want to engage – in shops, on the go or at home.

How Does it work?

Combined_SKUs_v02With certain apps (scan the barcode on the left with the Linkz Code Scanner) consumers can scan products to get real time, up to date, relevant multi-media experience. Brand owners set “triggers” on the packaging or label using a variety of options. These can include the UPC/EAN codes already on the product, QR codes (they’re making a comeback!) or invisible watermarks.

What are the benefits of SKU Marketing?

Consumers gain real-time relevant information about a product they have a genuine interest in while they have it in their hands. SKU Marketing helps consumers understand the product so they can make informed choices.

For the brand owner, “activating” or diverting barcodes is simple, fast and cheap. More importantly it enables the start of a powerful, direct relationship between a brand and consumer which is normally controlled by the retailer or distributor.

Which brands should use SKU Marketing?

– Do you have a story to tell and your consumers want to hear it? Why you do what you do and what’s unique.
– Are your consumers passionate about the cause or activity your product supports and would they like to learn more about it?
– Does your product support sustainability or environmental goals? Tell your consumers in detail what they want to know.
– Is your audience multi-lingual or do you sell into different countries and need local language support? All consumers want to know about your product – give them your story in their language.

If your product and consumer fits one or more the above, you should look into SKU Marketing.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
Increase CLTV by informing your customers about the benefits of your products and your brand. Consumers buy brands but the product needs to live up to the brand promise – let your products engage the consumer so they can see the story behind the product.

In Summary
SKU Marketing can be as ephemeral as Snapchat or as persistent as your product itself. It’s about the right message at the right the moment. An individual message to an interested individual consumer – now, with the product, and your brand, in their hands.

AUTHOR: Ward Parsons, Linkz Product Manager