“They are highly delighted that they can
use Linkz to provide songs and
information to the audience directly,
reducing their print costs and adding to the
value of what they do.”

Europa InCanto spokesperson

I absolutely loved receiving a card with a
video hidden in the image, it is magical! And so easy to view.

Mrs G Sabath, Peterborough

“We wanted to be at the forefront
of using mobile technology to activate both
editorial and advertising content in magazines.
Travel is an ideal area to link great content
in print to additional rich digital media.”

Matthew Jackson, Managing Director, Absolute

Linkz brings opera to Italian children

line For Italian school children learning opera, Linkz has completely transformed old static course materials into something fun and interactive, using a highly innovative way of linking print to smartphones. Course material is hosted digitally alongside printed course-books so it can be updated at any time and is helping keep the schools’ print costs down. Europa Incanto also gets detailed scan data on what is most popular. High levels of scans by children all across Italy show they’re really enjoying such a different and unique way of learning.

Personalised Video Messages invisibly included in greeting cards

lineLinkz has developed a super-simple way to add your own personal video messages to greeting cards. No need to register, or type in phone numbers or authentication codes. Just scan the image to upload your message. And if you want to view a video that somebody sent you? Again, just scan the image!

National Geographic Traveller drives subscriptions with Linkz

line National Geographic Traveller, the luxury travel publication, wanted an innovative and easy way to provide digital content and added value for readers. Using Linkz gives readers the opportunity to interact with additional editorial and advertising content unavailable in the print version, and an innovative way for the publisher to gain valuable readership data and drive new subscriptions. The first Linkz encoded issue featured a special competition where readers could win a holiday to Australia by scanning the Linkz app. The publisher plans to extend the use of mobile interactivity through more of the editorial and commercial pages over time.